Best Scout Rifle Scope – Assessed and Compared

Scout rifles are the recent trend in the market. Most of the people are using these rifles for shooting and hunting purposes. The reason for the immense popularity of these scout rifles is their versatility, light-weight, great features and attractive design. Further, these rifles are multi-purpose and thus can be used for more than one purpose.

If you too are looking for a rifle that can be effectively used under all kind of situations, then you must choose scout rifles. These rifles are highly popular for being used as a defensive weapon and as a hunting weapon.

As these rifles are used for many purposes, these require the proper and aligned mounting of scopes for enhancing their usages.

Talking about the scopes for the scout rifles, these are not heavyweight or bulky but are extremely light-weight and highly useful. The addition of best scout rifle scope to the rifle  enhances their performances and thus delivers satisfactory results to the users.

Considering the higher demand of the scopes for the scout rifles, the market is full of many choices. As a matter of fact, the user must make a clear choice from the available options.

Best Scout Rifle Scope

Best Scope for Scout Rifles - Quick Comparison

Factors To Consider Before Buying Scout Rifle Scope

The best scopes for the scout rifle are those which enhance its performance by delivering faster acquisition for the target. There are many designs and features of the scopes available in the market that one can quickly get what they are looking for.

However, to be sure of getting the suitable and desired scope, one must exactly know what they want. Other than that, the users must also consider the following factors:


One of the most critical factors that should be considered when buying the scope for the scout rifle is its durability. The high strength of the scope ensures that the scope can be used under any situations. Hence, the users must select the scope which has high durability for being sure that they can use it even in the extreme weather conditions as well.


Another critical consideration that must be made before buying the scope for the scout rifle is its price. As there are many options available in the market, all of them have a variation in their price range. You must specify a budget before buying the scope and then must select the one that delivers all the desired features within the decided limit of budget.


Lens plays a vital role in helping the scope to deliver the desired and satisfactory result to the users. Therefore, the users must select the scopes with higher lens power. 

The higher the power of the lens, the more amount of light can get transmitted through it. The better-transmitted light makes sure to provide better and sharp focus on the image.

Magnification Power

The users must also focus on buying that scope that has higher magnification power. With higher or better magnification power, the users can quickly zoom or get a detailed focus on the targeted object. This feature is quite useful when the scope is used for hunting and shooting.

Eye relief

Special care should be taken for the eye relief level when you are selecting the scope for the scout rifles. Users must try to choose that scope which offers the maximum level of eye relief. This will ensure that the scope causes lesser strain on the eye by minimizing the distortion of the image.


It should be taken care that the chosen scope should be light-weight. Having a scope which is heavy in weight will make traveling with them difficult as compared to the light-weight scope.


Having a significant number of the reticle is also an essential factor when selecting the scope. The high value of reticle will ensure the user to have a high focus on the targeted object along with the high value of the eye relief.

Best Scope For Scout Rifles

Once you are clear with the necessary factors that should be considered before buying the scope, let us now quickly have a look at the possible names that make the best options for the scope

#1. Leupold 119675 VX- R Scout Scope

Leupold is one of the best manufacturers of scopes for the scout rifles. They take good care to include all the relevant features that would be necessary for the users. They mostly target the audience bases which are looking for the scope to enhance their scout rifles for hunting or sports including shooting.

Talking about this specific model under the brand, it has been so designed that it delivers high durability to the users. It makes sure that the users can use the scope for all types of situations and requirements.

Highlighting the fact that the scope offers the high level of eye relief, they become one of the most reliable products to try your hands on.

Along with the high level of the eye relief, this scope combines the high level of the magnification power. The maximum power of the scope is 5X while the minimum is 1.5X. Along with this, the scope is well supported by the fire dot reticle to make it more effective in its performance.

The light-weight design of the scope is quite easy to handle and manage. The scope is also designed with the ability to withstand any weather conditions as it is weatherproof, dustproof, shockproof and fog resistant.

The 30 mm lens of the scope guarantees to deliver the desired level of accuracy while targeting and aiming. The lens is multi-coated which further enhances the images and objects to appear brighter and sharper to the user.

This makes it easy for the user to concentrate precisely on the object while aiming towards them.


  • Strong manufacturing of the scope
  • Easy to use even by the beginners
  • Delivers high-quality
  • High magnification power
  • Better accuracy while aiming at the target


  • Bit expensive than the other names in the market

#2. Burris Scope 200269 Scout Riflescope

Burris is another name in the market which focuses on delivering the high-quality scope to the users. However, they are not frequent with their launches, but even their occasional releases make the users satisfied with their practical and accurate delivery.

The following model under the Burris brand is one of the best light-weight and compact scope available for the scout rifles. However, the fixed magnification power of the scope is not preferred by the experienced users, but it makes the perfect choice for the beginners.

If you too are a beginner and are looking for a scope that is light-weight and also enables fast shooting, then this is the perfect scope for you. It is so designed that it enhances the performance of the rifle to the maximum level.

The scope has a magnification power of 2.75 X which can be used for the short range of hunting and shooting. In the more extended range of hunting, the focus may get a little blurred.

The 20 mm objective lens is another feature that makes it easy for the user to concentrate on the focusing and aiming at the target.

As an added advantage of this scope is the fact that it can be easily adjusted by the beginners as well as the experienced users. It is not that hard to assemble or to install and does give the desired handy approach to the users.

The gas-filled tube of the scope also makes it weatherproof, dustproof and fog resistant. As a result of the same, the scope can be used under any weather conditions.

Also, the scope delivers the required level of eye relief by reducing the strain on the eye and the distortion of the targeted image and object.


  • High-quality construction
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Light-weight
  • Weatherproof and fog resistant


  • Fixed magnification power

#3. UTG 2-7X44 30mm Long Eye Relief Scout Scope

If you are looking for a scope, well-equipped with all the desired features in an affordable manner, then you must choose this model. The manufacturers have taken good care to consider all the relevant aspects of the scope while designing it. High durability is one of the features that top the list of the offered features by the scope.

Other the high durability, the 30 mm lens and the 44 mm objective bell are the other features that catch the attention of the users.

The high value of the available lens ensures that the maximum amount of light can be transmitted through it for delivering sharper and brighter objects. To make things more precise, the lens is available with the Emerald coating.

The tube is filled with the gas in its ATS platform design which makes the scope weatherproof, dustproof and fog resistant. Therefore, the users can be sure to use this scope under any kind of weather conditions with reduced risk of damages.

The adjustable magnification power of the scope leaves no bar for attracting the users. The maximum level of magnification power is 7X while the minimum level of magnification power is 2X.

To make things easy for the users, the scope has been designed for convenient adjustments while aiming.

The presence of an illuminated reticle along with the sufficient management of 36 color pattern makes sure that every time the users get sharper and clearer focused targets. The users can see each and every distinct color very precisely with this scope.

Talking about the eye relief feature of the scope, so it delivers a high level of eye relief for reduced distortions and strain on the eye. Overall, the scope is a complete package that can be used by both the professional users as well as by the beginners.


  • High-quality construction
  • Can be used by the beginners
  • Available at an affordable range
  • Weatherproof, dustproof, fog resistant
  • Easy adjustments


  • The buttons are hard to press for switching between the colors

#4. Nikon ProStaff 2-7X 32mm Black Matte Riflescope

Nikon needs no introduction when it comes to designing the best of scopes for the scout rifles. The users generally trust and rely on the models developed by the Nikon brand as they ensure the maximum features to the users within an affordable price range.

The model is so designed to let the maximum amount of light to transmit from it. This particular model allows 98{086fba5a042765721944458432030ce1d2b69d4f231cf8e7395e59e1903be0b6} of light to get carried through it. With this amount of transmitted light, the scope never fails to deliver high focused objects and images during targeting.

The magnification strength of the scope is also recommendable. It has a maximum magnification level of 7X and the minimum level as 2X. 

The higher side of the magnification power makes sure that the users better view the targeted objects. Using this scope, the users can zoom to the objects up to 7 times which guarantees better precision and focus.

This scope is also well-equipped with the latest technology of faster target acquisition. It means that the users can easily aim at the desired targets without any hassles.

It also makes it easy for the users to make the necessary adjustments while pointing towards the targeted object and images.

The scope can be easily purchased as it is available at an affordable price range. It can be used by the beginners as well as the professional users with maximum confidence. It never fails to deliver the consistent amount of eye relief level to the users.

Therefore, the users can be sure that they can get the desired and satisfied focus without any eye fatigue or image distortion. It is an excellent pick with maximum features.


  • Compact design with excellent quality construction
  • Quicker focus on the target
  • Maximum transmission of light
  • Easy to make adjustments
  • Weatherproof, fog resistant


  • Heavyweight as compared to others

#5. Amasight Zeus Pro 336 2-8X 30 Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight

For all the people who love to use the latest technology prefer choosing this scope for the scout rifles as it is designed with all the latest technologies available. To begin with, the scope is weatherproof, dustproof and fog resistant. This allows the users to make use of this scope under all types of weather conditions.

The scope is also so designed that it can withstand all types of shock that may occur when targeting and aiming at the focus objects.

This is due to the robust construction of the scope that allows the scope to be one of the best choices to be used and withstand anything that comes in the way.

The feature of faster target acquisition is another attraction that confirms to catch the attention of the users. With the help of this scope, the users can quickly adjust between the focus of the targeted objects. 

It also allows the scope to aim at the desired objects with full concentration quickly.

The various features of the scope are so designed that they can be easily used by the beginners as well. The designing of the scope is kept convenient and straightforward to increase the usage.

In addition to this, the scope also ensures to enable easy adjustments of all the features. As a result, users can be sure of the fact that they will get precise and accurate targeting of the focused object.

To make things better, the scope is also suitable to deliver higher eye relief by reducing the majority of the strain from the eye. It also focuses on eliminating the distortions in the images that are to be targeted and thus delivers accurate functioning.


  • High magnification level
  • Light-weight
  • OLED display of the targeted object
  • Weatherproof, dustproof, fog resistant
  • Easy to use features with easy adjustments


  • Specific features can get difficult for the beginners

Our Conclusion - The Best Scout Rifle Scope

Scout rifles are one of the extremely popular rifles in the market. The users always look for getting the best of features from their selected rifles.

The desired users are also interested in enhancing the performance of the scout rifles, and therefore they keep on trying the various scopes available.

Considering all the available features and options, it won't be wrong to say that Leupold 119675 VX- R Scout Scope makes the best one to be selected. We strongly recommend using this scope for getting the best of all the desired features and accuracy for targeting.

However, you must consider all the relevant factors before deciding on the final name of the scopes. Choose the best scope that fits all the requirements.

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