Best Optic for AR-10 – Top Picks Reviewed

AR-10 is one of those rifles which are listed in the preferred choices for hunters, professional users, athletes and even the amateur beginners.

The high productivity and efficient usage of the rifles also convinced the US officials to replace their old rifles with this amazingly beautiful piece.

The rifle is strong enough to handle any shooting and hunting requirements and thus is one favorite demanded product in the market.

Ever since the launch of the rifles, they have been in popular demand amongst the users. Moreover, as the rifle can be used by either the professional users or by the beginners, it is one of the most recommendable options that the market has seen.

Best Optic for AR-10 rifle is the vital solution when you are looking for a handy accessory for improving the performance of the rifle.

Best Optic for AR-10

Top 4 Optic For AR-10 - Quick Comparison

Optic For AR-10 - Our Recommendation

To enhance AR-10 in all respect of its performance, here are some of the best names of optics that can be considered:

Trijicon VCOG 1-6X 24 Riflescope Ballistic Reticle

This is one of the best optic available for Ar-10 rifles. The optic has been so designed that it targets all the needed requirements of the rifle.

This optic has the required combination of looks and features that help it to stand distinguished amidst the other names in the market. The optic can be used in the short range distance as well as for the long-range distances.

The optic has been made using the superior quality of material which helps it to be known as one durable option for the users. The optics focus on collecting the required amount of light for making the object display clear.

It also helps in reducing the distortions while using the optics for hunting or shooting. One of the significant advantages of the optic is its ability to deliver the desired outcome in terms of aiming.

The optic has a well-coated lens and parts which helps in enhancing the quality of light and thereby assists in using the optic even in the low light conditions. This is a significant advantage for the people who prefer using the rifle for shooting in any weather condition.

The optic also does complete justice for the need for accuracy and dependability. It is one of the reliable names for delivering the users with the desired level of accuracy and full functioning.

The optic is also a great model that offers easy adjustments while aiming. The parts of the optics are made with the high-quality material, and therefore, they deliver with the expected results every time it is used.

Special care has been taken while designing the model as it delivers the maximum level of eye relief. Users can be entirely sure of having a secure use of the rifle for hunting while this optic is relevantly mounted on it.

The gas-filled tube inside the optic makes it suitable for being used in any weather conditions. As a result of the same, this model is waterproof, dustproof and fog resistant.


  • Higher accuracy
  • Detailed magnification power
  • High-quality material construction
  • Weatherproof
  • Can be used for both shorter and more extensive range of shooting
  • Can be easily adjusted for zooming


  • A little expensive than the other models

Nikon M-308 4-16X 42mm Riflescope w/BDC 800 Reticle

As Ar-10 is a heavy rifle and is used for hard-hitting, the optic used for this should be so that it can complement with the needs of the rifle.

The proper scope for this rifle will be the one that can be used for long distance hunting along with supporting the recoil of .308 cartridges.

Nikon M-308 is one of the models that are well-equipped with all these needed requirements and therefore, it is one of the famous names in the market.

The optic is well-coated with high-quality coats that help in providing the needed light to the optic when used under the low light surroundings. 

It focuses on the optimal transmission of light by making use of required coatings on the external surfaces.

The gas-filled tube of the optic favors it by making it weatherproof, shockproof, dustproof and fog resistant. This means that if your AR-10 is well mounted with the Nikon optic, you can go hunting any time you need. Isn't it great?

The optic has a lens of 42 mm. This high-resolution lens allows the maximum amount of light to pass through it and thereby helps the optic to display a clear, bright, sharp and focused image of the targeted object.

This helps the optic to be an excellent choice for the long run shooting. This also helps in reducing the distortions in the image formation when using the optic for targeting the desired image. The high value of the magnification power of the optic also adds to the advantages.

The higher magnification combines with the high-quality reticle and forms the best and crisp image. The instant and quick acquisition of target is another quality that provides a boost to the performance of the optics against the other names.

On an overall basis, the optic can be easily mounted on the rifle and thus ease the hassles of the users.


  • An affordable option
  • Weatherproof, shockproof
  • High magnification power
  • Instant target acquisition
  • Multi-coated optical system
  • Allows maximum light transmission


  • Mount does not come along the optic

Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20X 50 PA MIL Dot Reticle 30mm Tube

This is a premium riflescope and is also one of the best choices for AR-10 rifles. The optic has a unique combination of exceptional features, great looks, and multiple optical coatings.

All these distinguishing factors combine and deliver the needed brilliant performance that is expected from an optic.

The force spring system of the optic helps in delivering the higher level of precision and accuracy to the users. It targets all kind of users ranging from the professional users along with the beginners. 

The optic will deliver the entire required outcomes that are needed in the long run shooting range. The optic also contains a lens of 50 mm. 

The users can be entirely sure of the fact that this high resolution of the optical lens will help in projecting the sharp and clear image of the targeted object. Further, this higher value of the lens allows the maximum amount of light to transmit through it.

This higher amount of light transmission forms the basis for delivering the required brightness for hunting. With the enhanced level of brightness, the optic can be used under low light conditions.

The easy adjustments in the optic support the varying needs of the beginners as it makes the working of the optics really easy for them. The beginners can entirely rely on the optic for satisfying their hunting requirements.

The quick target acquisition also works like a wonder for the beginners as it allows easy targeting of the target. The gas-filled 30 mm tube delivers higher strength to the optic.

Along with the easy adjustments, the presence of tall caped turrets supports the usage of the optic under any weather conditions and makes it weatherproof, dustproof and fog resistant.


  • Contains suitable features for long range shooting
  • Higher accuracy
  • Weatherproof and fog resistant
  • Easy adjustments
  • Maximum light transmission
  • A higher level of eye relief


  • The damages in the permanent lens cap are hard to solve

UTG 3-12X 44 30mm Compact Scope

If you are looking for an optic that can deliver you with high durability and incredible features like great locking, etc. then you must try your hands on this fantastic model of UTG.

 UTG is a well-known brand that has been in the market for years and has always deliver high-quality optics for varying needs. For all the safety and security reasons, the optic is designed with nitrogen filled tube.

Such tube makes the optic a suitable option to be used in varying weather conditions, even in the foggy surroundings. 

The optic is made weatherproof and fog resistant with the usage of 100% nitrogen in the formation of the optic's tube. 

This optic model under the brand name of UTG is highly reliable to be used under any situation. The comfortable adjustable, lockable and resettable turrets of the optic make it consistent and precise, every time it is used.

The available MIL reticle offers an easily adjustable interface for the users. The reticle forms a precise, sharp and clear image of the target and thus delivers favorable results. The innovative design of the optic is another attraction that makes it accessible in the market.

The design offers high strength along with the guarantee of responsiveness and higher accuracy. The design of the optic is supported with the high-quality material which enhances the durability quotient of the optics.

You can also be reliable on the design of the optic in terms of its high durability. The 44 mm objective lens available in the optic makes it one great option to be used even in the worst climatic conditions.

The higher value of the lens opens the opportunity for the transmission of a higher amount of light. This enhances the amount of brightness needed for delivering a clear and focused picture of the object.

The optic also impresses the users with its maximum support for the eye relief. It reduces the distortions and blurriness in the image and thus enhances the eye relief for the users.


  • Great design along with a comfortable grip
  • High magnification power
  • Higher accuracy
  • Suitable for an extended range of distance
  • Easy adjustments allow precise and consistent results


  • Not light-weight as compared to others

Optics For AR-10

The high precision and the enhanced specifications have helped the AR-10 rifle to make the splendid mark for itself in the market.

If you too are concerned about the best option that can be considered for AR-10, then you should be clear with your requirements and uses from the rifle. The rifle delivers different uses to the users relating to the hunting and shooting needs.

As a matter of fact, the chosen optic for the rifle should be so specific that it should balance all the performance related issues of the rifle. The best performance of the AR-10 can be fully achieved with the right set of the optic.

The optic should enhance the functioning of the rifle and make it more suitable for accurately targeting the desired objects. The optics should help the AR-10 to reach its maximum level of convenient using and efficiency.

Choosing the right optic for your AR-10 is one crucial decision that you would have to make. There can be a vast difference between what you consider best and what actually is best for the rifle.

Also, as the market is full of so many choices for the optics, the decision relating to the final selection of the optics can get further complicated.

Factors To Know Before Buying Optic For AR-10

If you want to make the right decision for selecting the appropriate set of optic for the AR-10, then you must be aware of some of the essential factors that must be considered before the selection process. Here are some of the factors that should be considered:

Magnification Power

Before you make any final decision related to the optics, you should be aware of magnification power that it contains. The optic which delivers a higher value of the magnification power is often considered to be the best for AR-10 rifles.

Since the higher value of the magnification power will allow the user to get the maximum detailed display of the target along with the higher resolution magnification power holds prime importance in delivering the better performance of the rifle.


Another important and significant factor that shouldn't be ignored while selecting the optic for Ar-10 is its reticle. An optic that has specified and focused reticle will allow the users to have higher accuracy in aiming during hunting and shooting.

It helps the rifle to get a clear picture of the image with accurate perceptions and specifications. Therefore, be sure that the reticle is of the desired quality for obtaining the required results.

Objective lens

The lens in the optic plays a crucial role in delivering the accurate and detailed outlook of the object to the user. If the lens of the optic is not good enough, there will be no use of having that optic. 

The rightly suitable lens not only does justice with the display of the image or object but also helps in enhancing the required brightness while hunting. Usually, it is advisable to have a higher value of the objective lens so as to allow the maximum transmission of light for getting the higher brightness.


Generally it is believed that only high priced optics can deliver the needed better features. But with the increased demand for the optics, there are now many affordable options available in the market that offers the features required.

You must set your desired budget before finalizing any name for the optics; else you might end up paying more than what was actually needed.

Eye relief

With the changing use and requirements of the users, the optics that are now developed now offer the maximum value of eye relief. Eye relief is one significant and essential factor that is needed to protect the eye against the harmful effects of using these powerful rifles. Thus, consider the maximum level of eye relief in the optic before making the final choice with the name.


One of the most recommendable uses of the AR-10 rifle is to deliver the required accuracy while hunting and shooting. The optics selected for the AR-10 should be so that it should enhance the ability of the rife to get higher accuracy during the hunting. Test the optics with its accuracy level before buying it.

Construction material

The material used for the construction of the rifle play an essential role in determining its durability. Therefore, you should also be concerned with the quality of the material used for constructing the AR-10.

Our Verdict - The Best Optic For AR-10

The optics available for AR-10 are so designed to complement the heavy-duty shooting requirements of the rifle. As a matter of fact, the best and suitable optic will be the one that delivers the required features along with being easy to use.

Considering the mentioned names and their features, we recommend using the Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20X 50 PA MIL Dot Reticle 30 mm Tube for getting the best results. The optic has the maximum levels of the required specifications and can also be used by both experienced users as well as the beginners.

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