Best Optic for 300 Blackout SBR

Are you looking for a rifle that is versatile in its use along with being new and trendy in its design? Are you interested in knowing the name of the rifle that can allow having the focused and desired results with your shopping experience? If this is what you are looking for, then 300 Blackout SBR is one perfect name that you must try.

300 Blackout SBR is one famous name in the industry that targets all the possible uses of military basis. The popularity of the rifle has helped it to gain a sustainable title in the market along with delivering the satisfying results to the users.

The enhanced popularity of the rifle has opened the need and scope of using the suitable optic that further can make the rifle a perfect fit for different kind of military and general uses.

The 300 Blackout rifles are one of its kinds that offer the unique cartridges amidst the many other options available in the market. To complement the uniqueness in the features as well as in the cartridges used, the 300 blackout rifles are used along with the best optics.

The best optic for 300 Blackout SBR enhances the performance of the rifle along with providing it with the needed support to outshine with the desired results.

Best Optic for 300 Blackout SBR

Best Optics For 300 Blackout SBR- Quick Comparison

Factors To Be Considered While Selecting The Right 300 Blackout SBR Optics

You will find many optics for the rifle, but the need is to choose the best and the most suitable one for the rifle. This is where you need to focus on the different factors required for selecting the right optic for the rifle. If you are interested in knowing the relevant factors that should be focused upon while choosing the right optic, then here are some of them.

Magnification Power

If you want your selected optics to deliver the desired result in terms of consistency, accuracy, high focus, long-range shooting, etc. then you must consider the magnification power of the optics. The higher the value of the magnification power will be, the better will be the optic's performance under varying kind of situations and conditions.

Eye relief

It is a known fact that using a heavy-duty rifle will cause some of the harmful effects on the user's eye. Although earlier there were not many options for reducing these adverse effects and consequences on the eye, now the optics are so designed that they deliver the maximum level of eye relief. You must also select the optics that deliver the higher level of eye relief.


Having the proper and accurate reticle will only add charm and advantages to your optic. Reticle helps the optic to deliver the maximum accuracy of the targeted object along with focusing on the entire details. Check the reticle for being sure of the accuracy and consistency of the optic.


However, for most of the people, the price is not an essential factor, but, there are many people who consider the cost as a necessary and deciding factor for the selection of the optics for the rifle. It is one of the beliefs that all good and high-end optics are available only at a higher price.

Contradicting this, there are now many optic options available which can be availed within an affordable price range. All you have to do is to fix your desired budget and be sure of the requirements that you need from the optic, for selecting the right one.

Objective Lens

The objective lens available in the optic is another crucial factor that determines its effectiveness and efficiency. The availability of the right and accurate, objective lens enhances the quality of the displayed image.

It is the lens of the optics that plays a vital role in improving the quality and sharpness of the target. The broader range of objective lens diameter helps in enhancing the amount of light transmitted that can be further used for brightening the targeted image.


One of the essential factors that should not be excluded when deciding on buying an optic for 300 Blackout rifle is its durability. You must take into account the fact that the chosen optic should be highly durable for enhancing the dependency of the users on it.

The optic parts should be well coated to protect the external as well as the internal components against any kind of damages or risks. To improve the durability of the optics, the construction material also plays an important part.


While selecting the optics for the rifle, it must be taken care that the optic must not be complex in its usage. It must be simple for being used by the different types of users. If you are a beginner with the rifle and the optics, you must select that optic with lesser complexity quotient. ​

On the other side, the professional users can choose the optic which is slightly higher regarding complexity. Also, it must be considered that the optics should be easy for mounting on the available rifle.

Our Picks - 300 Blackout SBR Scope

Here are some of the names that can be considered for being chosen as the best optics for 300 Blackout SBR rifles:

#1. Simmons ProHunter Handgun Scope

If you are looking for the best optic or scope for your 300 blackout SBR, then there can be no better option than the Simmons ProHunter. This scope is so designed that it mixes practicality and fun in the perfect balance for hunting and shooting.

The unique and perfect combination of high-quality features and trendy design makes the optic to stand out amidst the various names in the crowded market.

The optic contains a lens of 32 mm which allows a sufficient amount of light to transmit through. The transmitted light helps in brightening the nearby surroundings of the hunting place and thereby assists in getting the desired shooting experience.

Along with the needed brightness, the lens also helps in delivering the required accuracy while hunting or shooting.

Further, the optic is multi-coated and has high-quality optical glass which ensures to deliver the brightest, sharpest and the clear focus of the targeted image.

The optic is well designed to be waterproof, shockproof and fog resistant in almost all kind of weather conditions. This adds to the advantage for the people who love to explore their adventurous side in every variety of situations.

This optic which is available in the affordable is widely used for short and medium range shooting. The optics also has a mixed magnification power of 4X which further enhances its use in the medium range shooting. However, the fixed magnification power of the optics may trouble under varying range shooting, but overall the results are satisfactory.

The possible easy adjustments in the optics add the needed charm in the functioning of the optics and thus help in delivering a comfortable working.

This optic is one of the best to use even in the extreme hunting conditions and situations. You will be impressed with the clear HD quality display of the target by this optic.


  • Available in an affordable price range
  • Can be used for short and medium shooting
  • Higher accuracy
  • Perfect configuration for AR style pistols
  • Weatherproof and fog resistant


  • Fixed magnification power

#2. Nikon P-300 BDC SuperSub Reticle Riflescope, Black, 2-7X 32

This optic is one of the best options that are available for 300 Blackout SBR for the long-range shooting. The designing of the optic is so done that it delivers the required configuration for the long-range shot.

The optic can be used by either the professional users or by the beginners without any hassles.

The optic is very basic in its design but yet manages to impress the users. The subtle design of the optic is its major USP that makes it quite accessible in the market especially amongst the beginners.

The simple and classy design will never make you disappointed when used for your shooting or hunting requirements.

The optic also makes a mark in the market by being one of the light-weight options available. It just weighs 16 ounces and thus can be easily traveled with. Despite being light in weight, the optic is fully loaded with the features that make it easy for the users to have a joyous hand while hunting.

The gas-filled tube and the O ring seal makes the scope extremely convenient to use in varying climatic conditions. The sealed ring makes the optic weatherproof, dustproof and fog resistant.

As a result, the optic becomes an excellent choice for the people who never get tired of exploring their adventurous side.

The 32 mm lens of the optic is suitable to deliver the crisp and sharp image of the target object. However, the small resolution of the lens doesn't allow the maximum amount of light to transmit through it, which can be a troubling issue for some.

But to balance the situation, the optic is available with the multi-coating optical system. The system adjusts the needed brightness in the dim light surroundings.

The easy adjustments in the functioning of the optics let the user make the necessary moves in extreme hunting situations. Overall the optic is the best for long range shooting and hunting experience.


  • Varying magnification power
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Easy and flexible adjustments
  • Provides lifelong warranty
  • BDC reticle delivers the desired outcome


  • Mounts are not available with the optic

#3. Leupold VX-3i 2.5-8X 36mm Matte Duplex 170678 w/ Mark 2 Integrated Mount System

This scope is one of the best scopes for 300 Blackout SBR that can be used in both long ranges as well as in short range shooting. This optic can be a great weapon for hunting game and can deliver the desired results in every kind of climatic situation. The optic makes use of subsonic.30 caliber for satisfying its users with the required outcome.

The 36 mm lens available in the optics, hint towards the higher efficiency of the scope for delivering the sharpest image of the target. The wider range of the lens also helps in reducing the image distortion by enhancing the amount of light transmission.

With the maximum light transmission, the optic ensures to deliver a higher amount of brightness when used for hunting. This, on the other hand, also improves the quality of the displayed images.

The lens is also suitable for the adjustments made. The users can make all the necessary changes in all the parts of the optics without any hassles. With such convenience in making adjustments, the optic is nothing less than a treat for the hunters and shooters.

Another attraction in the optic is its magnification power.

The optic has a magnification power ranging from 2X to 8X. This means that the optic can be used in varying range of shooting with the efficiency in the performance. With the sufficient amount of magnification power, the optic can also be used with maximum zooming.

Keeping the benefits of the users in concern, the optic is so designed to deliver the maximum level of eye relief. This ensures that the users will not suffer from any of the harmful effects while using the Leupold optic.

It also targets to reduce the distortions in the images when focused with extreme details. The durability of the optic is also impressive in all regards for different users.


  • Compact design
  • Fast focusing eyepiece
  • Guarantees lifelong warranty
  • Delivers maximum eye relief
  • Weatherproof and fog resistant


  • Windage adjustments are positively convenient

#4. Vortex Crossfire II 4-16X 50mm AO, Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

Without a doubt, this scope is nothing less than a significant option for the 300 Blackout SBR. The optic is one excellent choice for the people who are looking for a complete package concerning design and features. The users can try their hands with hog hunting using this optic with their 300 Blackout SBR.

The optic has an impressive lens of 50 mm which never fails to miss any detail while hunting or shooting. The higher resolution of the lens makes it one perfect choice to be used during the night hunting requirements.

The lens also allows the maximum amount of light to transmit through and therefore leaves no gap in enhancing the brightness of the displayed images. The higher amount of transmitted light ensures the better accuracy in targeting the object.

You can also rely on aiming the target from quite a distance with this significant lens resolution.

The 30 mm tube available in the optic is so adjusted that it can balance the use of the optics in almost all kind of weather and climatic conditions. The gas-filled tube helps the optic to perform brilliantly under dim lightening conditions.

This, on the other hand, makes the optic weatherproof, waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant and fog resistant.

The higher range of the magnification power of the optics ensures to focus on the minute details of the target.

With the maximum of 16X magnification power, hunting and shooting can be quickly done by beginners along with detailed zooming on the relevant information.

Also, with the minimum range of magnification power, that is, 4X, shooting can be made accessible for the short distances. As a matter of consideration, the optic can be used for both a shorter range of shot and also for the long range of shooting.

The construction of the optic is so done that it can withstand all the possible issues that might occur during the hard hunting case.


  • Can be effectively used for night hunting
  • High magnification power
  • Better accuracy
  • Weatherproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Available at an affordable price range


  • Non-illuminated reticle

Our Conclusion - The Best Optic For 300 Blackout SBR

If you want the best name that has got all the desired features for delivering the outshining performance, then you must choose the Vortex Crossfire II 4-16X 50 mm AO, Second Focal Plane Rifle Scopes for your 300 Blackout SBR.

Without any second thoughts, the optic is well-equipped with all the required functionalities that help the optic to stand distinguished than the other names in the market. 

Apart from this, the optic is also impressive in its designing part. With the basic yet attractive designing, the optic never fails to catch an eye. The optic can also be used by the beginners along with the satisfied professional users.

As the optic is a must have the necessity for the 300 Blackout SBR rifles, it is important to have the most suitable one that satisfies all the requirements and needs.

Let us know which of the following optics, you found the best by commenting your experiences below.

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