Best Night Vision Scope for AR-15

Best Night Vision Scope for AR-15 – Guide & Reviews

Human beings are naturally not nocturnal. We do not have that unique ability to see at night but in our way have made devices to aid our vision. Best Night Vision Scope for AR-15 is one of them. Some decades ago the night vision scopes were only used by military officers and the police. Now they are available to the general public as it helps watch over the property.

I have practiced shooting with a range of night vision scopes. I noticed that scopes are best fitted for various distances with awesome viewer range of the target.

I have visited some of the military barracks and tried to know which scopes are popular with them. I came to a conclusion that they prefer these AR-15 models since they provide a clear, focused image.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Night Vision Scope For AR-15

A lot of evolution has upgraded scopes to keep up with the fast-changing technology. Regardless of the use you intend to put these devices on here are the basics that you should consider.

Constructing Material

The material used in constructing the scope determines the durability of the scope. For instance if a scope is made of metal it is durable, but it will weigh down your rifle while a scope made of light plastic may be unstable and fragile.


Scope enhances the visibility of the intended object and also increases the shooting accuracy. The scope should be accurate so as to maintain the scope integrity over a long period.

Ease Of Use

Ease, speed, and accuracy of adjusting should be considered. This is a very important factor to consider for you not to lose your object. The adjusting dials should be reached at the minimum time possible.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the scope. Large distance is important on guns to prevent your eye from injury when the gun jerks. Hunters may prefer a shorter eye relief since their guns may not jerk a longer distance.

Intended Use

Scopes can be used for different purpose. A great range of people can use the scope to achieve their specific tasks such as hunting, law enforcing practices. Some of the scopes are suitable for a single purpose while others can hold all.

Recommend Night Vision Scope for AR-15

It may be difficult for me to suggest the best scope you require without me knowing your specific requirements or the intended use.

I have done a great research on the best night vision scope and discovered that they work better for specific tasks. I also noted that high price tag goes hand in hand with quality.

1. Burris 300208 AR-332 3×32 prism sight

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This scope model is best suited for law enforcers such as the police and the military. Countries have procured this model as it brings all features suitable for their security personnel. Taken a look at these amazing features:

Nitrogen Filled Tubes

The scope has built tubes which are filled with nitrogen which absorbs any moisture that may find its way into the scope. This prevents internal fogging in the cold and rain hence it is not limited to any weather conditions.

Fixed 3× Magnification

This lens magnification can capture any object within a range of 100 yards. The image produced is clear and sharp hence the accuracy is increased a great deal. The magnification cannot be altered.

Quick Detach Design

The scope model is fixed with an easy detach mechanism. You can easily attach and detach the scope in case of any unforeseen event. In case of any reflection that may be caused by the lens the spotter can detach it so as not to alert the enemy of their presence.

Illuminated Reticles

This scope model has illuminated reticles which cannot be seen with naked eyes .The illumination helps the spotter to have clear vision at night of any object or enemy around.

2. Pinty 2.5 -10×40 AOEG Red Green Illuminated mil-dot tactical rifle scope

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Any shooter requires hitting the object with precision. If you desire this, then consider taking this along with you. The model is suitable for both starters and shooting experts. The following are some of the features.


The durability of this model is enhanced since the constructing materials are strong, this increases the duration of use. The lens is protected by an in built flip up lid that covers the lens when not in use.

Red / Green Reticles

This scopes model has illuminated reticles which are either red or green. The spotter can change from either green to red depending on the situation or even the favorite color.

Adjustable Brightness

The spotter can either increase or decrease the level of brightness of the objective lens. In case of poor visibility one may opt to increase the level of brightness.

Non-Reflecting Lens

The lens does not support reflection even when a light is directed to it. The lens doesn't have the ability to reflect light hence you cannot be identified even when the light is directed to the lens.

3. Sightmark Ghost Hunter 2×24 night vision riflescope

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Some of the darkest nights may hinder most of the people to carry on their usual activities. Having this scope attached to your rifle is rest assured that you will clearly view the area of view.


This scope is made using light materials. This lightweight ensures that the user can hold the rifle for a longer time without the scope getting uncontainable. The polymer responsible for constructing the scope is durable thus it will give you a longer service.

Close Range

The scope is only able to produce a good image only if it is near clearly. The scope has a magnification of 2×.The magnification can capture any animal or human within a range of 100 yards.

High Resolution

The scope has a well-upgraded lens that produces high-quality images. The image is sharp to enable the user clearly view the object.

Additional Fittings

The scope comes along with some additional fitting that are helpful in its operation. The additional fitting are a nylon carrying case and lens cloth. The nylon carrying case aids its safe transportation. The lens cloth is used to clear any dust that may accumulate around the lens and also the cover the lens when the scope is not in use.

4. AOTOP Tactical Rifle Scope

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This is the perfect solution for any shooter willing to have the best and accurate shots. It has gradually been improved for good performance consider the features below:

Black Finishing

Black camouflages best in the dark; this reduces attracting the attention of the intended prey or human. The scope is also not easily noted even if the spotter is at close range since it is compact and the lens does not encourage any reflection even when the light is directed to it.

10× Magnification

The lens can magnify any object to 10 times of its size. The magnification increases the rate of accuracy and hits only the intended places the shooter aimed. The magnification implies that it can capture an object at length.

100-Yard Viewing Range

The viewing range of this scope is about 100yards.This is a very long distance for anyone to see anything at night. It has a great magnification that you can clearly see the area of view.

Easy To Operate

The manufacturer has ensured that the operating dials can be reached fast and provides a user manual. There is also the provision of two cleaning fabrics that wipe dust that may accumulate around it.

5. Vortex optics strike fire two red /green dot sight

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Scopes, as I had said, have evolved for some decades due to technological advancement. This scope has experienced the effects of technology hence it is now upgraded to satisfy the customers' needs. Take a look at these amazing features:


The scope is made of superior materials that cannot allow water to pass through or soak in.This makes it possible for use in any weather conditions.


The effectiveness of any product is one of the key factors that customer consider before making any purchase for any product. This scope model is effective in its duty as it provides a sharp and clear image. The spotter can close examine the object and hit the required point.

Red /Green Switch

The scope provides for a change of reticle color from either red to green and vice versa. The shooter may change the color of their preference depending on location.

Automatic Shutdown

The scope is run by batteries which last more than 300 hours. If the scope is idle for hours, it automatically shuts down. This increases performance and the time which the scope works.

Final Words

It has been a long discussion based on the best night vision scopes. I acknowledge that we do not have the same tastes and preferences. You can now choose from the above scope which one best suits you.

As I had earlier mentioned, I have used some of the above models that I found quite useful in my field. Choose your favorite scope and you will enjoy it. Go ahead and purchase any of the above units they are worth your attention.

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