Best Night Vision Rifle Scope

Best Night Vision Rifle Scope – Guide & Reviews

It just amazes me just how people are innovative enough coming up with products that provide a long lasting solution. Who would have imagined night vision possible a few years back?

Credit goes to the military that came up with this innovation, which gives them more power over the enemy as they can see in the dark. What you cannot see can within a flash of a second attack you, dethrone or end your life.

Over the years, property owners, avid hunters and target shooter have embraced these devices as their own tool of trade.

A night vision scope is a fantastic device that works wonder in tactical situations by amplifying any existing light to provide the user have a clear vision to recognize features and objects that would have otherwise been masked by darkness.

The market has made a considerable improvement to ensure the customer get a range of quality products for your use. For you to have the easiest time selecting the right device, i have compiled a list of ten best night vision scope that work incredibly well.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Night Vision Rifle Scope

These units are a heavy investment that you really need to know more about them before making a purchase. Here are some of the measures you need to consider at depth:

Recognition Range

This is the distance between the user and the target from which the user can clearly tell apart in detail with a sharp image and not just a figure as the total range would tell. Total range is not so important but the recognition range is as it gives you more clarity with perfect shooting.

Durability and Reliability

With proper care and maintenance scopes remain trouble-free for a very long –a value for your money. It should be waterproof and tough enough to withstand rough use. Check also on the number of recoil in a product to ensure it matches your requirements.


This boils down to how effective the device is in use. How fast can you view and shoot the target? How do you engage the target in low light conditions? In areas with no lights completely is your device fitted with an Infrared light to enable vision? To what extent can you rely on the device for accurate readings?

Ease of Use

The common users of scopes are military officers, serious hunters, and shooters. These people are skilled hence using this device is not an issue to most. However, homeowners use this tool for property security. No matter who is using the tool, make sure it's easy to operate according to what you doom may fit for.

Additional Features

They make a product work easier, have multiple simple uses or are appealing. Check on the features you need in a device such as the electronics, tubes, front lenses, IR illuminator, target reticule and other specialized accessories. However, the major drawback with this attachment is that they increase the rated of failure.

Recommend Night Vision Rifle Scope

Rifle scopes have undergone major improvement to boost night vision hence a range of products available in the market. Each model is distinctly unique but performs well in use as well.

I may not give you the overall best device because they are equal each in its measure but for your sake chooses that which you find awesome for you. The following are some top models you can choose from:

1. Fire Field FF16001 NVRS 3 X 42 mm Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope

Editor Rating:

Looking for a machine that has a higher light trapping capabilities in low light conditions, this version could be of great interest to you. Consider the below eye catching features:

IR Illuminator

This is an invisible light to the human eye but used to light up a scene as it allows night time surveillance without the need for additional artificial lighting. Has an illuminated red duplex reticle and incremental brightness adjustment all for a clear, sharp target.

Light In Weight

An awesome device suitable for brush hunting or off hand shooting since its sizeable and very light in weight. Such devices are used by a mobile operator as you can easily move with it.

Ease Of Use

It easy to run such a tool since fitting the lenses is fast and seamless, recoiling is not tough and finding the target is quick but limited to the sharpness of your eyes. Besides, it has a carrying case for the unit protection during movements and storage.


A product that has a cover gives the user a peace of mind and less worry of breakdown since you clearly know the manufacturer must have offered to the market the best. However, should a defect be traced back to the manufacturer there is a factory warranty of 3 years from purchase.

2. Sight mark Photon XT 4.6 x 42S Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope

Editor Rating:

This tool has multiple uses as it can be used during the day and at night with a range of up to 300 yards. It a good value for your money and has been designed with the following key features:

4.6x Magnification

With the powerful objective lens and resolution of 640 x 480, clear, sharp objects can be captured at details. This simply shows just how accurate you can obtain your readings.

Contrast Adjustment

The device uses a digital windage and an elevation adjustment system for guaranteed precision and an overall streamlined design.

Six Different Colorful Reticles

Have two crossbow reticles, two duplex reticles for hog and varmint hunting, a mildot reticle for range finding and holdovers and a German style reticle. All distinctly colored to tell apart.

Video Output

This makes it easy to capture a series of events from your predestined target in the form of video shooting and recording for further analysis.

3. Yuko NVRS Titanium 1.5 x 42 Night Vision Rifle Scope

Editor Rating:

This is yet another great device with excellent hunting performance with the following innovative features to stamp this:

Operating Ranges

Weaver mounts severally at night and works great with a focus of 7 yards while the IR illuminator reaches up to 100 yards awesome for night vision.

Lifetime Warranty

Nothing beats a content customer because this gives you peace of mind and a hassle-free life. This model has a lifetime warranty on the unit. Nothing comes close to such a great offer.


These are additional values but very crucial in maintaining your tool put. These include but not limited to a carrying case, the scope, remote for on / off control and flip up lens cover for protection.

All Weather Use

The manufacturer understands that this tool is used outdoor where climate varies from time to time. The unit has a water repellant housing and lenses that will give clear objects despite rains, fog or mist.

4. ATN X- Sight II 3 -14 Smart Rifle Scope

Editor Rating:

This is one of the best and most outstanding technology night vision scopes has ever had suitable for serious shooters and hunter due to its professional performance as you will find below:

Smart Rangefinder

With only two clicks and a few adjustments on the scope you can hit your target to precision. Once you have ranged your reticles adjust its points of impact for accuracy.

Profile Manager

This can save all the zeroing data on every weapon you set to use, and you do not have to reset every time as you can just create a new profile.

Video Recording

With the first ever HD microdisplay that turns the unit into a powerhouse, it's possible to record a series of events around your target making it good for use in hunting at night for animals that hide.

Shooting Solution

This allows you to turn through the wind, change the inclined angle, adjust distance and make your point of impact for a perfect shot

5. BARSKA 1 X 30 IR M -16 Electro Sight Rifle Scope

Editor Rating:

With this unit, you sure to never miss a target as it has been specifically designed for prompt shooting. Here are its amazing features:


The device is a small, compact, black matte finished and lightweight tool easy to carry around. It also very easy to use and can be used in hunting or military patrols.

Operational Range

From customer feedback, it's been reported to have the best range in a shooting of up to 100 yards, but some say more dependent on the accessories added. This makes it extremely reliable for accurate shots.


From the solid construction, this tool has been made to last longer while still in very stable state. It's waterproof, Fog proof and shockproof to affirm its make.


Just to ensure it works well in low light conditions. It has a 30mm objective lens, tactical reticle, 1x magnification and a 23mm exit pupil with unlimited eye relief, so you never miss hitting a target object.

Final Words

As you have clearly seen from the above analysis of top night vision scopes all are designed and crafted professionally to make sure they are quality, highly efficient and excellent performance.

If you have been on the run for this tool choose any of the above that has both the balance of value at a considerably fair price in regards to the specs your get. Let there be no hesitation in acquiring these devices.

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