Best Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope

Best Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope – Guide & Reviews

I know for sure when there is a power blackout just before you report for your night shift, this stands as a firm excuse as to why you should not go to work. Best gen 1 night vision rifle scope might be your solution. 

Some of us are naughty enough that if they had reported, they sneak to a place for a nap. However, for economic growth, we need 24 hours operation. Besides, some duties like keeping guard of our country is not a daylight only thing lest we are attacked.

Gen 1 night vision scopes are the best to facilitate seeing at night and work wonders. From the hands on experience I have as a military officer, night vision devices are just one very important tool of trade we work around with.

Considering the risk involved in my profession, the Gen 1 scopes used in our station helps us keep guard all through and identify and engage targets.

For those people who might be interested in getting such incredible devices, this guide will be very important to you. It covers top models Gen 1 night vision rifle scope that work amazingly well at night.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope

Before buying any Gen 1 night vision rifle scope here are the major considerations you should make to ensure you get the best product.


The ability to clearly view any object at any certain distance should be considered. Some scopes may view a shorter distance while others longer distance depending on the magnification, gains, and resolution levels.

Image Quality

The shooter should be able to see the best image so that the hit can be very precise. The image quality is enhanced by the objective lens diameter, magnification and the distance of view.


This is all about construction, weight, and size. Let's take the instance of the military, and they hold their rifles for a long time hence they will need a lightweight scope. They also carry their luggage for a long distance hence it should be small and compact.


The cost of any product is determined by its value that tells you whether to purchase or not. Consider the purpose of which you intend to use the scope and evaluate if the cost is about the service it will offer. Should be very realistic alongside the specifications you need.


A long lasting product is the best to acquire. Long lasting is mainly enhanced by the quality of the constructing material. Buy a scope that is shock protected or water repellant for better and lengthy use.

Recommend Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope

Suggesting the Gen 1 night scope may be difficult, considering I don't know your preferred specifications. Buying the best scope may be confusing and at times tedious if you are not guided or don't have prior knowledge. Ensure that you have known what features you require in a scope.

1. Armasight WWZ 4×Night Vision Gen 1+ Rifle Scope

Editor Rating:

This is a high performing scope that allows you to observe, engage and hit the target accurately. It works best for law enforcers such as the police and the military, hunters and competitive shooters.

4× Magnification

The scope can increase the object size to about four times, and this improves the vision. The magnification is provided by the powerful objective lens. This scope is a mid-range hence you can clearly view the surrounding.


This model is long lasting as the body constructing material is aluminum. The body can absorb any shock thus reducing the rate of damage thanks to the HD optics.

Water Resistant Design

The scope is well finished since it resists water to pass through. This makes it possible for it to be used during the rainy, snowing and foggy conditions. The user can use it without the worry of the scope being damaged.

Mount To Standard Weaver Rails

The scope can be mounted on any standard weaver rail. Any rifle having this type of rails can be attached with the scope. In most cases, rifles came with these rails so as to fit the scopes.

2. Armasight Vampire 3× Night Vision Rifle Scope

Editor Rating:

This scope model suits anyone who wants to have clear shots in the dark night or areas with low illumination. The scope fully satisfies most of the features the shooter require. The following are some of the features.

Low Battery Indicator

The scope is run by rechargeable batteries. The batteries may run out of power at any given time. The scope signals the user of low battery, and this reduces the chances of the scope shutting down without notice.


The manufacturer has guaranteed the user of cover for two years from the purchase day. The warranty services can only be valid if the defect is traced back to the manufacturer. The scope should be in the original state and not interfered in any way.

Ease Of Use

The scope can be mounted easily on standard weaver rails. The speed is also enhanced since the rails fit into the scope without forcing them in.

Illuminated Reticle

Illumination helps the shooter clearly view the target on focus. Light can be adjusted to have a clear and bright image. The brightness cannot be noted be anyone beyond the specified eye relief.

3. Armasight Prime 5× Generation 1+ Night Vision Monocular

Editor Rating:

This is an efficient monocular that will add your shooting accuracy. The scope is designed in a way to fit in your rifle with ease. Take a look at this amazing features present in the scope.

Compact And Lightweight

The manufacturer has known the burden of carrying a large scope and has assembled it to fit in your hand. The scope is also light to make its transportation easier and also easily fitted on the rifle for a long time.

5× Magnification

The scope has this magnification to have the best and clear image that is captured along the field of view. The magnification helps to increase the accuracy in hitting targets.

15 Mm Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the scope. This distance helps you prevent your eye from being hit when the gun jerks. The distance is safe, and you will clearly view the image.

Long Battery Life

The battery can run for 58 hours nonstop. The long life battery can be recharged after the low power indicator starts blinking.

4. AIPAI 3 in 1 Rifle Scope

Editor Rating:

This rifle scope is great for anyone willing to have the best shooting experience; it is best suited for both starters and experienced users. Here are some of its features.

High-Quality Matte Black Finish

The finishing style can be best to consider for the purpose of camouflaging during the night. The black matte does not support light reflection hence it is you remain unannounced.

Two Reticle Color

The hunter can choose from either red or green color on their reticle. This color is visible at night, but they are not bright to attract any attention. The reticle has a five brightness control modes.

High Magnification And Resolution

The magnification rate of the scope ranges from 4 -12 times, this implies that the scope can view a larger area and produce high-quality images as a result of a high resolution that is affected by the lens.

Large Objective Diameter

Large objective diameter produces high-quality image hence improving visibility. 50 mm diameter is enough to view area to form clear images and capture line objects.

5. U-ZM Riflescope

Editor Rating:

This is the best outdoor rifle scope that I have come across. It is very accurate and enables you to have the best shots into precision. Its features are clearly outlined below:

Adjustable brightness level

The reticle brightness can be adjusted to up to 4 levels. The holder can either increase or decrease the reticle brightness that they are comfortable with for a clear view of the image. The user can either choose from either red or green light.


The rifle scope cannot allow water to pass through it. It's make discourages water from soaking in a feature makes it possible for the scope to be used during any weather condition.

Fast focusing eyepiece

The scope has an eyepiece that is easy to focus on a wide field of view. The eyepiece can accommodate a larger area of view. The eyepiece is also equipped with a red laser site that points the actual place that will be hit.


The scope needs to be transported from time to time. This requires the scope to be lightweight and compact to be accommodated in your luggage or be fitted into your rifle. The scope is handy and lightweight to ease its usage.

Final Words

I believe that the above discussion was of great help to you. Gen 1 rifle scopes are the best scope that I have come across. They have a unique feature that you desire to be attached to your rifle.

Military officers, hunters and sports shooters, these are the scopes that you should have for you to have the best shots.

For hunting and sport shooters starters you may opt to have cheaper rifle scope and then upgrade them when you have grown your shooting art. For the military consider having the best scope for you to have sure shots.

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