Best Gen3 Night Vision Scope

Best Gen3 Night Vision Scope – Guide & Reviews

Many times am amazed at how a human mind works wonders, coming up with awesome innovations one after the other like best gen3 night vision scope and so on. How small particles of matter are put together to work is what I really cannot comprehend.

A couple of years ago, I was on a hunt for a night vision devices since I wanted to keep watch of my vast piece of land, tried out some that disappointed me.

A friend in military suggested the Gen 3 scopes, and I can never look back. This is my loyal brand that whenever I find one stuck in selection always suggest. Should you be of the opinion that this my view consider why they are used widely.

Night vision scopes are devices that help you see in dark places and at a distance. They are mostly used in birds watching, night fishing, rescue missions, exploring wildlife and scenery among others.

This guide takes you through various reviews of the most recommendable night vision scopes worth investing your money. The products covered here are incredible and will work well to enhance your vision.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Gen 3 Night Vision Scope

Manufacturers have put forward many reasons why you should buy their products but here are some of the critical things that you should be looking for when shopping for a Gen 3 night vision scope:


When shopping around its good to have a budget so not to be tempted to overspend. This should be very realistic according to the model you want to acquire. Remember there is always a product (high end or low) for your budget. Models with additional specs may be attractive, hence weigh what you need in a device versus its cost.

Ease Of Operation

A gadget that is complex in operation may be terrible to work with as you do not know what should be where and how to operate it. An easy to operate the machine is quick to assemble, engage a target and make a perfect shot, especially where time dictates your chances of either hitting or missing a target.


The Gen 3 night vision scope are made to give you excellent performance and for a long time. When all factors that may facilitate wear and tear such as exposures to bright light, soaking in water or violent treatment are held constant. The device is highly dependable.


As you will note these scopes are mostly used for outdoor activities which mean that the units are battery powered. The batteries could be made from lithium which is more durable and expensive or alkaline which is cheap, readily available in stores but has a short life. Check also on compatibility with your machine.


This is what will make you either buy or leave a product if the price is no issue. These could either be the magnification, gain or resolution. Test to ensure you get what you require to avoid being disappointed or the machine being of little use to you.

Recommend Best Gen3 Night Vision Scope

Just like shoes serve the same purpose, but what fits me may fit you, hurt you or be too big for you. Similarly, Gen 3 night vision scopes are available in range but each work best in its unique way.

Users look for different things and what works for you may not work for the other. I would suggest you pick a model that which matches with your needs.

1. Best guarder 6x 50 mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular

Editor Rating:

This a smart innovation that has a wide application due to its performance and aesthetics thanks to its brilliant features;

Camera And Camcorder Function

This is an awesome feature; you are not only able to capture the target alone but also a line of objects in proximity. It's possible to shoot a video and capture images that are clear and very detailed for analysis.


The unit uses a rechargeable alkaline, 4 AA or NI-MH batteries that are long-lasting and readily available in the market. With a power voltage of 6v, it can be in use for long periods.

Day / Night Use

Unlike the conventional models that were only used at night. This unit has also been modified to be used during the day without any damage. It has flip up covers for lenses and a turn off control for the infrared illuminator for day use.

Water Resistant Body

The best guarder can keep off water from the objective lenses. You can comfortably use this tool in rainy or wet climate without getting blurred images as the focal views remain clear for good viewing.

2. Fire field FF160001 NVRS 3 X 42 mm Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope

Editor Rating:

When the best gen3 night vision Scope model was first introduced, it wowed many due to its performance, visible range, and quality. Below are its outstanding features;

Size / Weight

This unit is small in size and made from titanium alloy making it very light in weight. It is very suitable for users who are mobile as they can easily carry it around. Besides, it has a carrying case to facilitate this.

Infrared Illuminator

This is an invisible light to the human eye but used to light up a scene as it allows night time surveillance without the need for additional artificial lighting. Has an illuminated red duplex reticle and incremental brightness adjustment all for a clear, sharp target.

Ease Of Use

It easy to run such a tool since fitting the lenses is fast and seamless, recoiling is not tough and finding the target is quick but limited to the sharpness of your eyes. Besides, it has a carrying case for the unit protection during movements and storage.


The product comes with a three years cover from purchase for defects or breakdown traced back from the manufacturer.

3. Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope

Editor Rating:

This is the most dependable and high performing weapon sight manufacturers have produced in the Gen 1+ category. Here are the most striking features it possesses;

Body Construction

The body has a clean black finish that is water repellant so that it does not soaking water and gives you accurate reading even during a storm. It has also been rubberized and has shock protected optics so that it can withstand much pressure and stress.

Infrared Illuminator

This is an invisible light that illuminates dark places making it possible to see in very dark night, caves or rooms. With illuminated Red Cross reticles is possible to have varying brightness for a perfect shot. The illuminator is also detachable; you can store it when not in use.


For a hassle free use, the producer gives the customer a two-year limited factory warranty from purchase date in case of defects or breakdown traced back to the manufacturer.

Ease Of Use

This unit has been made with all essential features in the simplest state to be user-friendly. All focus controls are well positioned so you can adjust your view to precision. With only a few guidelines you can operate the device comfortable with any assistance.

4. ATN X-Sight 5 -18 Smart Rifle Scope

Editor Rating:

Latest Smart HD Optics that is mounted on a rifle to aid night vision. It has the following captivating features that help in smooth use:

Recoil Activated Video (RAV)

Sometimes you may be overwhelmed and forget to press the record button before making a shot. With this model so long as you have set your video record to RAV the scope sees everything and records.

Smart Rangefinder

Once you have ranged the target in your reticle, the system will automatically adjust to its point of impact. There is no estimation, memorizing or calculation required.

HD Micro Display

It works hand in hand with the video function. It is connected with the scope so you can see clearly all around your target with both eyes unlike straining to focus with one eye. The screen is large enough to capture all details.

Night Vision

The scope has been improved for night vision with an infrared red light that lights up the scene making it possible to see in the dark.

5. Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular

Editor Rating:

If you are looking for quality optics and night vision devices that will solve vision at night, the Bushnell scope has you covered.

Zoom Capability

It uses a powerful glass objective lens that has a magnification of 1x – 3x, high gains and awesome resolution power for distinguishing shapes and other objects. Also allow you to obtain very fine details.

Recognition Range

This is the measure of distance that you can clearly tell apart. The unit has a range of up to 750 ft viewing using an infrared illuminator.

Image Capture/ Video Record

This monocular does not only aid night vision but can be used to capture images and record a series of events and line objects nearby. This gives it a wide area of application by shooters, hunters, explorers among others.

Battery Life

It has AA battery that lasts long with running out of use. It is also rechargeable, and you do not have to acquire a new battery every time it gets low.

Final Words

As you have seen the market is flooded with all quality night scope for your selection. From the above reliable information I have put forward for you, there must be a model you find fits into your use.

Go ahead and make the purchase and let there be no worry or doubt as these are the best innovations the market have tested and are content with.

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