ATN Digital Night Vision Monocular Review

ATN Digital Night Vision Monocular Black Review
ATN Digital Night Vision Monocular Review


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Advanced low-light sensor technology with built-in infrared illuminator for better sight in the darkness

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When you are good at something, even those close to you notice it. They can describe vividly what you like about whatever you do. For example, my best friend noted I love hunting and my hunting equipment like scopes.

The previous thanksgiving, he went ahead and bought me a night vision monocular scope. Not just any other but ATN Digital Night Vision Monocular. It is exceptionally one of a kind.

ATN Digital Night Vision scopes offer unparalleled capability as compared to its cost. This means that it works effectively at night despite the darkness. It can also be manipulated for use during the day.

The ATN Digital Night Vision Monocular Scope offers epic experience. It's performance is excellent and on point. I don't have to get stressed about straining to focus. I like it so much that it has taken up all my attention. My best friend is actually proud of his gift.

Perfect Magnification

ATN Digital Night Vision Monocular Black Review

I like ATN Digital Night Vision monocular scope because it offers 2x magnification. Can zoom in and out anytime I want. I can also easily mark my target from a distance without startling it.

If you own monocular scope that has no or less magnification, you can say goodbye to it by getting ATN Digital Night Vision Monocular because a scope without magnification is useless.

Vibrant Color Display

I also like color especially because it gives any object life and also defines objects. ATN Digital Night Vision Monocular Scope is the real deal. It improves the contrast, depth, perception, perspective and exposure of any object I try to view.

By the way, this means that you can experience the three dimensions of your view indirectly. The color grid has been enhanced to intensify the viewing quality.


ATN Digital Night Vision Monocular Scope is likable especially with its type of infrared illumination. It can illuminate a wide range of view as compared to other scopes.

Another idea about illumination that I noted, ATN Digital Night Vision Monocular Scope has a highly sensitive sensor which exceptionally provides an even and brighter and sharper focus. I am quite able to work even in extremely dark conditions.

Waterproof Cover

Another lucrative feature about this scope is that I can use it when it is misty, foggy or rainy. This means that it's cover is a material that is water resistant. We all know water is the number one destroyer of any equipment.

ATN Digital Night Vision Monocular scope has covered that, once you get it you will worry less especially rusting is no more. Just having fun with your scope will be your priority.

Adjustable Lens 

The lens is superimposed strategically to serve it's purpose conveniently. We all understand that this scope is for using at night, but you can still manipulate it to use during the day.

This can be achieved by securing the lens to allow enough light through the pinhole. The light will allow you to view your target a bit clearly. The picture quality won't be as pleasant as possible but still you will get something.


  • Highly sensitive sensor
  • Effective at night
  • High quality
  • Water resistant
  • Durable


  • When lens exposed to high heat, can burn staff or even itself.

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Final Verdict

ATN Digital Night Vision Monocular Scope is now the way to go. When am using this scope, it amazes me in unique ways.

You can adjust brightness correctly and believe me the focusing is very sharp even in pitch darkness, and your image will be very clear.

Purchase it now at an affordable price and you will love it too. You won't be disappointed by it because it works unbelievably fantastic. It is quite portable and versatile too.

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